FHLR Musik Podcast #015 w/ Aсutoniсa

A very warm welcome back to the FHLR podcast.
The summer was hot and busy, and there are many great new things and artists coming up on Fehler Musik. We have releases and remixes of Andre Crom, Christian Hornbostel, Lützenkirchen and Interflug just to name a few.
Aside from Suicide Circus, next Sunday there is a Fehler Musik showcase and record release party at Ava Club Berlin where Mon Groove and Sicc are playing. Sicc is a young and talented producer which release is coming out two days before the party on October 26th and we celebrate it that night.

In our podcast today it’s a real pleasure for me to present my musical partner in crime Acutonica hailing from Moscow, who I only met 6 months ago here in Berlin.

She is resolutely moving in her direction playing non-commercial techno music with hard industrial sounds, though currently also moving more towards experimental sounds, inspired by such musicians like Headless Horseman, Xosar, These Hidden Hands and Tommy Four Seven.

Without further do, we jump right in the mix … enjoy fellas.

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Tracklist: FHLR Musik Podcast #015 w/ Aсutoniсa

1. Dispersion – Joachim Spieth
2. Alone to faith and death – Restive Plaggona
3. Conquer Us – YYYY
4. Circle V – Pact Infernal
5. Concussion – Headless Horseman
6. Variant – These Hidden Hands
7. Skafto -ANFS
8. Meet my needs – Grabenstein
9. Tarkomania -Lucy
10. Signal Structure- Positive Centre
11. 006 – Datasmok
12. For closure – Shifted

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