FHLR Musik Podcast #009 w/ Jirko Berger LIVE @AURA 808


Hey guys, hello and welcome back to the our Fehler Music podcast.
Yes, we have been off quite a while and this is our first podcast in 2018,
where I can’t believe how much happend already at this very, very early stage of this year.

Personally, I was injured in a bicycle crash and broke my collar bone, so I couldn’t not attend our last super Sunday show at Suicide Circus. But of course I could rely on my friends, DJs and label partners, and it turned out to be one of the biggest parties we throw so far with about 300 wild and willing to go all in ravers from all across the globe. Guys, if this is just January, our parties will explode in Spring and Summer – make sure you save the date get our tickets early.

Our next release is also looking around the corner, on 22nd of January ÆQUAL will drop FHLR 005 – Primitive Live Sessions.
As usual, you can prelisten to the music on our Soundcloud account.

But the biggest news are still to come: Fehler Musik and Lauter Unfug from Luxembuorg are fusing together. Yes, you heard it right, we are merging together with Lauter Unfug, a big house and tech house label which has been around for almost 5 years, with artists like Beatamines, Circle of Life, Matchy & Bott, Aki Bergen & Richter just to name a few.

We are super happy being supported and selected by these guys, and so we are part of the 5 years Lauter Unfug tour in 2018, which will spread over whole Europe on about 15 gigs. Big time fellas …

Back to todays show, this time it’s my very good friend Jirko, a classic vinyl only dj and one of the few I partied together in the old tresor more than 13 years ago.


Jirko Berger:

Hi, my name is Jirko Berger and I grew up in Berlin, and I got my first impressions of electronic music 17 years ago on Berlin’s Love Parade.
I fell in love right away. Friends of mine used to party in the old Tresor club on the Leipziger Straße and they took me there.
I loved the music, the energy and the atmosphere. In 2001 I had my first gigs in Kulti in Trebin, close to Berlin. DJ Swan aka Sven Dibenehm was my mentor at the time and taught me how to dj. From 2003 to 2006 in the Alte Papierfabrik in Rodersdorf. My interest for producing my own music started in 2006 and still carries on. What fulfills me the most is producing my own tracks and remixes. My upcoming release came out on 20th December 2017. You can listen to my track here in the mix.

Tracklist: FHLR Musik Podcast #009 w/ Jirko Berger LIVE @AURA 808

1. GG Art 1 (Original Mix) – Jirko Berger
2. Solace (Jirko Berger Remix) – Pan Pot
3. Stab Me (Original Mix) – Dandi & Ugo
4. Toltec (Detroit Grand Pubahs Remix) – Ben Long
5. Drew Acid 2 (Original Mix) – Lester Fitzpatrick
6. 88 (Original Mix) – Bodhi
7. Love Lesson (Tuff City Kids Remix) – Nibc
8. Polymorphine (Original Mix) – Skober
9. Power Clean (Original Mix) – 2000 And One
10. Generation Acid (Argy Remix) – Steve Lawler
11. Take a Walk at the Sugarside (Original Mix) – Robert Babicz
12. Stimulate (Original Version) – Robert Babicz
13. The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella Radio Edit) – Age Of Love
14. Recycler (Club Mix) – N.A.M.
15. Bagdad (Original Mix) – Sonic Solution

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