Ethical Governor – Enclosed 04 (Enclosed Order, ENCLOSED04)

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Ethical Governor – Enclosed 04 (Enclosed Order, ENCLOSED04)

Following the hit release of his last digital album ‘Unmanned Autonomous Force’, producer and label head Ethical Governor is continuing his series with another pum- meling techno record titled ‘Enclosed 04’ on his newly-established but tenacious
Enclosed Order imprint.

Tony McMurray, the man behind the Ethical Governor guise, has made a name for himself delivering hard-hitting and gusty techno, creating the perfect dark dancefloor soundtracks and packing in as much ripping techno releases as humanely possible since his debut album release ‚Unmanned Autonomous Force’ on his label established earlier this year.

‘Enclosed 04’ bears the kind of passionate, relentless techno tracks that you long to feel viscerally pounding your skull in your favourite club. Each track introduces unique elements, with a common theme of sinister mayhem piercing your soul throughout the record.

‘Grim Milestone’ starts us off with a kicking baseline and laserbeam rays echoing through your surroundings. ‘Masonry bit’ brings the thrilling addition of snarling ani- malistic and sci-fi noises over a hazy baseline. Chills run deep as ‘Schlerotium’ enters the scene with distorted melodies and suspenseful immortal sounds shimmering in the background. ‘Sinister Energy’ rounds us off with an infectious serpentine baseline that leads you into the darkness with a final blow of heavy-duty percussion overload.

Ethical Governor has managed to create yet another idyllic concoction of intense, raw, and industrial sounds to forcibly raise your heart rate, bringing together mecha- nical and synth elements in a distorted yet perfectly detailed fashion.

Tracklist: Ethical Governor – Enclosed 04 (Enclosed Order, ENCLOSED04)

01. Grim Milestone
02. Masonry Bit
03. Schlerotium
04. Sinister Energy

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