FHLR Musik Podcast #007 w/ Alexey Dikovich

Our guest today is Alexey Dikovich from St. Petersburg, famous founder of Blitz FM Radio.
At the moment we get to know more and more artists and people from eastern europe and russia, so it was just a matter of time that we meet with Blitz FM and Alexej.

Alexej: “Hi, my name Alexey Dikovich.
I am the founder BLITZFM radio. We play techno music and underground.”

Kurz und schmerzlos. 😉 Alright, enjoy Alexej’s techno set touching other genres as well.


Tracklist: FHLR Musik Podcast #007 w/ Alexey Dikovich

01. Archivist – Tagma
02. Cleric – Unwritten Future
03. Emika Elena & Ryogo Yamamori – Paradox
04. Aiken – Dominance
05. Electric Rescue – Revala
06. DYAD – Salvage
07. Benjamin Damage – Montreal
08. CNCPT – Citofono 3
09. Eric Fetcher – Kaissa
10. KamavoSian – J.A.B.002
11. Device Control – Manipulator
12. Jannik Assfalg – Silent Speaker
13. Anthony Fade – Phone Chek


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