Edgar De Ramon – De Tu a Tu (TUTU, TUTU012)

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Edgar De Ramon – De Tu a Tu (TUTU, TUTU012)
Edgar de Ramon’s long play debut album has been produced during lockdown between Barcelona and the Ebro Delta.
Through its 8 tracks, De Tu a Tu evinces a social culture still based and impregnated by the foundations of colonialism, which prevents us to move forward to a plural and dif- ferent world, free of borders and excessive control eagerness. There is no space for re- flection in this era of frenetic digital revolution framed in a society of fierce consumption. Our data are coveted for their trade to keep on feeding a capitalist system that can even afford to tell us what to watch on TV (does Netflix sound familiar?). The globalization of poverty. In front of this call for and alienated integration, we should rise up by going for what is different and loving it. De Tu a Tu.

The cinematic like New Territories serves as introduction from an ambient vision of Ed- gar de Ramon’s countersigning techno sound. With I Love the Difference everything is exposed. From its first bass beat it urges us to wake up from the Covid-19 increased lethargy and to dance, with a clear message: love the difference, it will make you free. Flying Data also digs into the premise of not allowing anything to influence our vital decisions, especially those related to consumption.

In Constant Movement one sees Detroit all over, although the iron landscape of Bir- mingham can also be appreciated through a sharp cut of brawny techno that progresses among blinding metallic hints, a true bomb in the dance floor. Edgar de Ramón shows us his absolute mastership in all techno registers with Deeper Underground, where the vast intertwines the underground and the result is another anabolic superb release con- taining voices that mutate every beat.

Contemporary Practices dives into the idea that, nowadays, contemporary implies some risks, experimentation and constant transformation. Its gliding melody is achieved with a last-generation modular synthesizer and it evolves constantly through the whole song with no apparent pattern. Relative Time starts with a bass beat in the form of a hammer ready to smash bad consciences and stir rebel bodies. The echoes of Sci-fi tech on it conspire to have us look into our inner cosmos, imagining the future.
Finally, with Rave Again, the DJ and producer encourages us to break through the ge- neral alienation to make our hopes come true. Among them, of course, dancing and hugging again until dawn. Acid, funny and typical from nineties, echoing those raves that made us so happy once.

De Tu a Tu is dedicated to Edgar De Ramon’s family and friends. Special Thanks to Josep Vidal, Aleix Jaramillo & Alfred Calvet.
Tracks Deeper Underground, Relative Time, Flying Data & Rave Again mixed at Gimeno Studio, Spain.s

Tracklist: Edgar De Ramon – De Tu a Tu (TUTU, TUTU012)

01. New Territories
02. I Love The Difference
03. Constant Movement
04. Deeper Underground
05. Contemporary Practices
06. Relative Time
07. Flying Data
08. Rave Again

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