Sam Junk – Acid Reality (Fehler Musik, FHLR027)

Pick of the weekend: Sam Junk – Acid Reality (Fehler Musik, FHLR027)

With more than three decades of producing music, Slovenian-born techno Veteran Sam Junk joins the FHLR tribe. He delivers three tracks which whom you can go deep in your sets. Deeep.

‘Acid Reality’ is techno with a progressive touch. An emerging track and acid tune accompanied by high & mighty chants plus brachial bass. Heaven, hell and the horns of Jericho.

‘In the Air’ is deep techno at its finest, mysterious and deep grooving.
The acid crescendo in the break cuts the air in its peak and turns the mood beautifully around. A perfect transition tune, leading out of the dark into the light again.

Majestic and muscular walks in the final track, ‘Rokk’. An orchestra of the feel-good sounds intertwined into a singular composition.
Powerhouse of a closing track.

Tracklist: Sam Junk – Acid Reality (Fehler Musik, FHLR027)

01. Acid Reality
02. In the Air
03. Rokk 2020

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