Dispak – Dispak 2 (FOIL, F-010)

Our Wednesday selection: Dispak – Dispak 2 (FOIL, F-010)

DISPAK 2 is the 2nd EP release from electronic music composers/producers Chris Child and Kasson Crooker. Over the past 20 years, Chris through his moniker Kodomo and Kasson through Symbion Project have released a wide breadth of electronic music drawing from ambient, techno, IDM, downtempo, and cinematic soundscapes. DISPAK 1 EP was released in 2018 after a week-long collaboration at Chris’s Brooklyn-based studio and defined the sound of their collaboration with 3 long-form ambient techno tracks. For this followup EP release, Chris travelled to Kasson’s Seattle-based studio, filled with vintage synthesizers and contemporary modulars. The 4 songs that emerged from their one week session evolved and expanded the DISPAK sound in some unexpected ways, primarily from utilizing a rare 1969 Moog Modular. The resulting songs have a warm old-school techno flavor with all the quirks and oddities that vintage synths are known for, fused with slowly elevating ambient beds.

DISPAK 2 is scheduled for release February 20th on the Brooklyn based label FOIL.

Tracklist: Dispak – Dispak 2 (FOIL, F-010)

01. Intro
02. Zeldinova
03. Karyakin
04. Shulepov

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