Daniel Watts – Social Operators (Clash Lion, CL003)

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Daniel Watts with Social Operators on Clash Lion, CL003.

An edgy, futuristic combination of electronica and techno…..

Clash Lion is a mix of three personalities; Shall Ocin, TERR and Daniel Watts. Three artists with different musical backgrounds merging forces to create a truly eclectic and open minded label. After the success of their first two releases from Maetrik and Shall Ocin, this January they launch into the new year with the very first release from one of their own, Daniel Watts.

The title track ‘Social Operators’ combines edgy vocals with a futuristic synth riff which modulates and filters its way through the mix. It’s an innovative combination of electro and techno.

The groove in ‘Opiate’ is deep and almost metallic sounding. It has some quirky synthetic stabs which echo and reverberate, creating layers of texture in this minimal yet acid like electro based track.

‘Colony’ is intensely SCI-FI in its nature, and probably the most intergalactic track of the EP. Synths whizz and dart around one another in a syncopated chaos. This is minimalistic electro to the max, and set to cause some serious mind trips on the dancefloor!

The whole EP proves Clash Lion’s ethos in delivering cutting edge, different, creative and above all, experimental electronic music.

Tracklist: Daniel Watts – Social Operators (Clash Lion, CL003)

01. Social Operators
02. Opiate
03. Colony

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