NISSIM – Uneven Ground (NISSIM, NISSM001)

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NISSIM – Uneven Ground (NISSIM, NISSM001)
Originally from the south of Israel, NISSIM started as a DJ and has been making music for over a decade. With a passion for a myriad of musical styles, NISSIM’s love for electronic sounds was ignited by the psychedelic trance music scene and parties of the mid-2000s that he used to organise. Now based in Berlin, NISSIM’s music-making journey has been one of exploration and experimentation combining different production techniques with a mix of genres and concepts, his intuitive production method is the antithesis of the meticulous craft he exerts as a sound engineer. During the ebb and flow of 2020, NISSIM has used the industry’s downtime to put his focus towards finishing his first full-length album entitled ‘Uneven Ground’.

In ‘Uneven Ground’, his first-ever official release, NISSIM has created an intimate narrative space that traces his journey over the past eight years. The full-length album is a mindful introspection and melancholic contemplation of the composer’s own flaws. In his search for himself and his distinct sound, NISSIM has drawn on his own experiences to build a sequence of multidimensional soundscapes that lure his listeners deeper and deeper into a world that continuously recreates itself. The result is a highly personal ten-track album that marks NISSIM’s coming of age as an electronic music producer.

With a creative process that is characterized by single takes, no edits, no boxes, no planning ahead, sparse mixing, deep mastering, and sound design only in the final stages, NISSIM creates cross-genre storytelling musical journeys that want you to get lost within. The album unconventionally moves on a wide spectrum of electronic music, combining a wealth of elements from various genres, thus creating unexpected sonic layers whilst showcasing a complex diversity in the arrangement, sound design, and rhythm.

Tracklist: NISSIM – Uneven Ground (NISSIM, NISSM001)

01. The Pain
02. After T ears
03. Confess
04. A Poem For Chaos
05. One T ake Falls, Loop (Skit)
06. Forgiveness
07. Uneven Ground
08. Under It All
09. Don’t Forget The Raves
10. Luxus (Bonus Track)

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