Andre Salmon, FreedomB & K-Mack – Satisfy My Bass [Hottrax, HXT076] + Interview FreedomB

First of all, a pleasure to you have you Alberto! 😊

Hottrax, Circus Recordings, Get Physical Music, South Of Saturn … boiiii! – a lot of things changed since we met the last time. Tell us how you got there.

Good question. The truth is that it has been a long and difficult journey, where patience has been the key to achieve my goals and above all hard and constant work during the last ten years. I have never stopped believing and I think that is important, especially so that nothing and no one can stop you.

And of course, HOUSE MUSIC which has accompanied me as a good friend every day of my life.

How did it all start with the music?

It all started in Madrid, around 2005. It was at that time when I first got in touch with electronic music.

At that time, in the evening discotheques, for people under 18 years old, we listened to a style called “Poky” which is a very accelerated hard-house with a lot of dance acapellas. It was a lot of fun to dance to. It was something magical at that time.

Then little by little, during my university career I started to listen to American and English house music that conquered my mind, my body and my soul. I was lucky enough after finishing university to work as a stage manager in several important events in Spain which gave me the opportunity to meet many important people in the industry with whom I still keep in touch today.

My facet as a DJ started in Madrid, in a small collective called Interstate 94, then I was resident DJ in some clubs but really where it all came alive and made sense was after my arrival in Berlin in 2012. That’s when I started to become more aware of my facet as a DJ and especially as a producer.

That would be a good summary of how this whole adventure started.

What do you like about Berlin?

Berlin has been the beginning of everything, from a more professional point of view. It is a modern city, with an incredible open-mindedness that allows you to be free from the beginning of the day until the end, with one of the best nightlife in the world, where everything and everyone has their space.

Over the years I have understood that it is a city that gives you a lot but also takes a lot from you. And you have to find a good balance because it is difficult to get lost in so much stimulation.

In Berlin I have found myself, personally and musically, I have fallen in love, I have had the opportunity to perform in almost all the clubs, I have laughed, I have cried…. In short, it is a city that has taught me the meaning of living. I am very grateful for it.

What do you think about the House Music scene and sound in Germany?

Germany needs more HOUSE MUSIC.

It’s something I’ve been saying for years. It seems to me that the darkness and to some extent the somewhat depressive music, at least from my point of view, has taken over in the city and it’s getting very boring to go to the clubs.

Everybody either plays techno, or techno with melody or low BPM music with dark touches… I don’t see any joy or happiness in the music currently played in Berlin and I strongly believe that HOUSE MUSIC would do a lot of good in this city and in the whole country.

It’s like when I walk down the street and everybody is wearing dark clothes, I respect that, but I always ask myself: “Look at the weather, the clouds, the rain and you in dark clothes! Wear something colorful and give color to the city, bring color to life”.

There are very good house artists in this city in Germany but unfortunately they are not given the position they deserve within the scene. I am very critical in this respect, I admit it. But I really want people to understand the benefits of HOUSE MUSIC for their lives.

But I know that not everyone understands house music. It’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing.

How do you see the development of the scene after Covid?

I think that during the first stages of this “return to normality” the local artists will have more weight, until the borders open again completely, I think that the people who have worked and have stayed alive during this last year will be well seen, I think that there will be a good sifting of people who were just passing through and did not contribute anything…

What I am absolutely sure of is that when everything goes back to normal between now and the middle of next year, everything will go back to the way it used to be in the industry. I don’t see it as a bad thing. As I said before, that’s the rules of the game. Instead of complaining or complaining, let’s be smart and play the best way with the cards we have on the board.

Everything in this life is a matter of perspective, of finding the right balance and, above all, of giving problems their due importance. No more and no less.

What is currently happening for you?

Right now, even though it seems that with so many releases, I’m having one of the best moments of my professional career, there are certain things that make me feel like when you throw water on a cat. Uncomfortable within normality.

Due to the pandemic I had to look for a job, one ended soon because it was unbearable and in the other I am happy, although to tell you the truth, I know very well where I belong. In the next few months I will make decisions, for the better, that will change my life. Changes that I need today to grow not only as an artist, but as a person, which in the end is the most important thing for me.

It’s been 10 years already in Berlin and well, I think the time has come, at least for a while to open markets. Soon I will give you more news. I’m so excited about it. 

What do you think are the chances now to tackle the challenges ahead, so we come one day to a situation the music world had before the pandemic?

I think we will have to get used to the new normal, the new reality. Human beings are creatures of habit and I am sure we will make the best of it. I have no doubt about it.

As my mother used to say: it’s all a matter of goodwill.  I am one of those who think that if you close your eyes and are able to see/approach life from a different perspective, it can be wonderful. I did it and it is. Believe me.

Let’s talk about the release, what were you cooking up for Hottrax?

I am extremely happy to finally be able to release on Jamie Jones’ label. I’ve lost count of all the demos I’ve sent him over the years and years.

What makes this event even more special is to be able to work again with Andre Salmon, with whom I’ve already released a lot of music and it’s a pleasure to work with him. He is a great producer and works in the studio like no one else. It is a privilege to be able to count on his support again.

The title track is called “Yes, I Like Bass” and features the acapella of Ecuadorian producer Jordano Roosevelt, who adds the Latin touch to the song. Good groove with dark touches, powerful bass and several breaks that hook anyone.

The release also includes an instrumental version for those who are not too fond of Latin vocals. Hope you like the groove amigos.

How do you work in the studio, what’s the process?

To be honest I don’t have any process. As my body tells me, that’s how I produce.

It’s true that before producing I like to listen to music from producers pllthat I follow to try to get that inspiration or that somehow influences me in my creative process. I’m not manic at all and I adapt to all kinds of situations.

What I can tell you although it is easy to hear in all my songs is that I pay a lot of attention and dedication to the bass to have the prominence it deserves. I need the bass to be the main act of the movie. And the rest of the elements must fit around it.

Any favourite gear or tools to mention?

MPC Live. I’m really in love with this gear. I’m still in the process of learning how to use it fully but it’s amazing the workflow and everything you can do without the need of your computer. It is the best investment I have ever made.

What are your biggest influences in music? 

The truth is that as I said before I really like American house music, whether it’s Chicago, New York or Detroit. And logically because of the proximity, my music is influenced by British house music.

People like Kerri Chandler, David Morales, Dimitri From Paris, Joey Negro, Masters At Work, Derrick Carter, Horse Meat Disco… I could spend the whole interview naming people. But I guess you get the idea.

Going back to the question about house music in Germany, I would like to highlight logically Ian Pooley or Mousse T. I’m a big fan of their music and the German house scene owes them a lot.

Let’s wrap it up – what are your upcoming releases, projects and goals? 

Upcoming releases on Hottrax, Muna Musik, ORIGINS RCRDS, Get Physical, South Of Saturn and a few other surprises which I cannot reveal at the moment.

My personal project is to be happy, to enjoy again the freedom we had before, to dedicate myself exclusively to what I love today which is MUSIC and hope that we all have learned something from these last 18 months.

Cheers Alberto!

Our Friday selection:
Andre Salmon, FreedomB & K-Mack – Satisfy My Bass [Hottrax, HXT076]

Andre Salmon returns to Hottrax with his latest EP, ‘Satisfy My Bass’ alongside FreedomB & K-Mack.

Arritmia label boss Andre Salmon has become one of the most prolific rising names within the house sphere with material on prevalent imprints including Repopulate Mars, Rawthentic, Too Many Rules, and Sola. Having featured on the label alongside London-based talent K-Mack last year, Jamie Jones’ Hottrax imprint reveals another fruitful collaboration from the pair alongside a further collaboration with Berlin’s FreedomB for ‘Satisfy My Bass’.

Salmon and FreedomB open the package with ‘Do You Like Bass’, an energetic peak-time affair that fuses rolling rhythms with robust chords and Jordano Roosevelt’s alluring vocal chants to great effect. ‘Satisfy Me’ with K-Mack unveils another floor-filler, as Cami Jones’ seductive vocals combine with trippy sonics, precise percussion and sweeping atmospherics to transport listeners to the early hours.

‘Satisfy By Bass EP’ by Andre Salmon, FreedomB & K-Mack drops via Hottrax on 8th October 2021.

Tracklist: Andre Salmon, FreedomB & K-Mack – Satisfy My Bass [Hottrax, HXT076]

01. Andre Salmon & FreedomB – Do You Like Bass? feat. Jordano Roosevelt
02. Andre Salmon & K-Mack – Satisfy Me feat. Cami Jones
03. Andre Salmon & FreedomB – Do You Like Bass? feat. Jordano Roosevelt (Instrumental)

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