Roger Gerressen – Heading In A Backwards Direction (Yoyaku, YOYAKU003LP)

Our Wednesday selection: Roger Gerressen – Heading In A Backwards Direction (Yoyaku, YOYAKU003LP)

Dutch groove specialist Roger Gerressen returns on Yoyaku with a new album of masterfully dubbed out and stripped back techno rollers.
Renowned French record store Yoyaku started releasing music in October 2015 via various respected sublabels like Hostom and Aku, which many vinyl heads continue to buy on sight. The network of labels has a prolific output and has since released over 90 records in less than five years. However, there was never a primary Yoyaku label until last year, which was launched by a release from Cabanne followed by Canadian duo Flabbergast.
Roger Gerressen provides the third which is also the parent label’s debut album. Making music that is built on hypnotic drum perfection, the Dutch producer is a prolific but always on point artist. He’s also co-founder of the ESHU collective when not running his own OCUN Records, Irenic Records and Autodidact Records, as well as making appearances on Sushitech, Mosaic and Joule.
After an absorbing ambient opener, ‘Don’t Be Neutron’ is an expertly distilled groove with vast rubber kick drums and deft sonic details – water droplets, wood hits – sinking you further into his world. ‘Continued Momentum’ is another cavernous underground world where static electricity crackles over subliminal drums, and distant synth motifs act as mesmeric hooks. ‘Capturing Diversity’ is as deep as you like, but also emotionally poignant thanks to the subtle chords and warm steam of pads that drift along next to you. This most tasteful trip closes with ‘Holding Thoughts’ (dub), which has thoughtful spoken word musings and hits to die for.
These are heady and stylised minimal tracks that get you utterly lost in your own world.

Tracklist: Roger Gerressen – Heading In A Backwards Direction (Yoyaku, YOYAKU003LP)

0A1. Roger Gerressen – Fragil (Dub)
0A2. Roger Gerressen – Draxis
0B1. Roger Gerressen – Cerendipity
0B2. Roger Gerressen – Don’t Be Neutron
0C1. Roger Gerressen – Continued Momentum
0C2. Roger Gerressen – Native Tongue
0D1. Roger Gerressen – Capturing Diversity
0D2. Roger Gerressen – Holding Thoughts

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