AISHA – Energy EP (Drec Records, Drec015) + Interview


Hi Aisha,
Hope you’re good! Let’s jump right in:

Where are you based?
Glasgow, Scotland

What was the initial incident or event making you start your career as an artist?
The first time I was booked to DJ was at a Glasgow afterparty venue called Lunacy. I was DJing at home just for fun beforehand and after playing at Lunacy, gigs escalated into being a regular occurrence most weekends!

What came first – DJing or producing?
I first started producing as a hobby before DJing, doing the ’soma skool’ production courses at Subsine Academy in 2017. Then, when I started DJing, finding tunes to play and vinyl to buy started taking up so much more of my time! I’m glad to have rekindled a love for producing over the past year or so.

Your biggest influences? Can be artists or records.
Biggest influences at the moment are definitely the sounds and crews coming out of Scandinavian cities like Copenhagen and Oslo. I love their fast-paced trance vibe. I like to fuse that style with classic Scottish and UK hard dance, which is what I grew up listening to.

Your new „Energy EP“ is set to be released on the German label Drec –
how did this connection come along?
I used to get sick promo’s from Drec for their releases which I gave feedback to, which morphed into them requesting if I had any tracks for them. It was great to make tunes specifically for a release on their label, rather than send tunes I had already made for a change.

Please describe the sound and your inspiration for the 3 tracks …
The three tracks represent heaven, hell and purgatory. The track ‘Devil Energy’ came from a term I saw used by a sceptic online who thought the ‘satan shoes’ that Lil Nas X brought out had links to the Illuminati. I thought this was hilarious and was inspired by this very 2020 turn of events. ‘Wingz 4ever’ is a happy heaven energetic track, one that could be played at the back of a bus in 2006. ‘Twilight Zone’ aka purgatory, is a dark and sinister vibe and more classically techno than the other two tracks.

Is there anything special /you did different here producing these?
I recorded my own vocals for ’Twilight zone’, which I’ve never done before. It was fun trying out different ‘cool’ sounding accents! I ended up going for my own Scottish twang in the end.

How do you work in the studio in general?
I like to work in the box mostly, with a midi controller for synth sounds. I like to change environments making tunes, love to be in the studio but depending on the day I’ve had I can’t help but get into bed and make tunes from there too!

Would you tell us about the equipment you use?
I have a pretty simplistic set up – I have an Arturia midi keyboard, sometimes I switch to a Traktor Komplete Kontrol. I have Ableton 9 Suite (old school – changing to 11 soon) and use the standard Focusrite Scarlet for connecting the mic up for vocals.


What – besides creating music – allows you to express yourself?
Getting ready for a party with friends and just being stupid experimenting with make up and outfits – like getting dragged up with my he, she and they’s. Too much these days, women in techno can be expected to not care about these things as if it takes away from our passion for music. The more hyper feminine DJ’s are, whatever the gender, you’ll notice the hateful comments online. This may sound truly crazy for a techno fan, but it is possible to get bored with wearing Black T-shirts all the time!

How does a typical AISHA day looks?
I work at Soma Records from 9-5, Monday to Friday. I’d say it’s like a regular job, but techno is usually blasting out of the speakers, and we can be truthful about the weekend’s escapades! After I come home from work I’m back on the computer either making tunes or preparing for a set. It takes up a lot of the evening, and it’s not till around 10pm I can stuff some food in me and watch trash on the TV haha!

Are there typical days?
Yes – even for creatives, routine sometimes happens!

Which future projects are coming up?
I have a remix for Drumsauw coming out on label ’Audio Bloc’ as well as two tracks coming out on big compilations. They haven’t been announced yet so watch this space! I also have some great gigs coming up in Scotland. I hope to play rescheduled gigs that were in Europe soon 🙂

Cheers Aisha!


Our Friday selection:
AISHA – Energy EP (Drec Records, Drec015)

AISHA takes you by the hand for a journey with your very own demons! A package full of controversial moments. While you feel trapped in hell and connected with the devils fire, your wings get opened to fly into the sky. In between you relaunch yourself to get connected with your personal twilight zone. Lost in translation – Back to reality with energy.

AISHA is a DJ and producer hailing from Glasgow, bringing fast paced, high energy techno to some of the best clubs and festivals in Scotland.

Storming onto the local scene in 2018, AISHA has firmly stamped herself as one of the best talents currently emerging from Glasgow. She is a resident DJ at Animal Farm (who hold a bi-monthly night at world renowned Sub Club) and has supported acts such as Dax J and Nur Jaber.

As a producer, AISHA has seen her varied output released via labels such as Hilltown Disco, Bass Agenda and Huntley & Palmers, and more recently teamed up with fellow Animal Farm resident Quail for a series of massive releases on internationally renowned techno label, Soma Records.

As a DJ, AISHA’s versatility can have her dropping euphoric and energetic Hard Trance to raw and pumping Techno, giving her sets an upbeat, old school feel. When AISHA is playing, prepare to sweat.

Tracklist: AISHA – Energy EP (Drec Records, Drec015)

01. Devil Energy
02. Wingz 4Ever
03. Twilight Zone
04. Wingz 4Ever (Joe Farr Remix)
05. Twilight Zone (Patrick Dre Remix)

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