T.B. Arthur – Psychedelic Relics (312, 312 001)

T.B. Arthur is a mystery. Out of nowhere he landed in late 2014 back on planet earth and into our acid techno minds. So we ask him: “What can you say about all that chitchat Arthur?”
T.B.A: “Je parle ACID.”
Well, we bet you do. Enter the world T.B. Arthur from Chicago …

Tracklist: T.B. Arthur – Psychedelic Relics (312, 312 001)



Slow stretched drops of acid nurture your imagination and guide you through this jungle of sounds.
Techno with a micro lick of tribal.

Slowly uplifting arpeggiator plus of the use of the acoustic space creates a hypnotic excitement.

A bubble bath of acid coalesces with slow dirty snyth tones … this is an attack from outer space.

The intruders landed. The sound of the invasion. Crawling high pitched 303 on dramatic drums and distorted synth shots in slowmo. Just like your trip. Oh yeah.

Conclusion: A master of his machine and a connoisseur of tentative tension. A slow pleasure you should take and spend your time with. Personal highlight: B2.

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