SUPERBOOTH16@Funkhaus Berlin – Get Ready!

Berlin has finally returned to a good music fair! From the 31st of March to 2nd of April the new synth and electronics trade fair Superbooth16 will be here in the capital. So it’s the day after tomorrow, so get our tickets now if you don’t have purchased them yet.

Initiator is Andreas Schneider, the experienced reader knows him from his SchneidersBuero & SchneidersLaden, the address in Berlin ( as well as nationwide ) for friends of electronic sound generation, analog synthesizers and modular systems as well as holy pilgrimage in the world. It is not surprising that almost all of the Who-is-who follows his reputation in the industry: “Over 100 exhibitors are registered for SUPERBOOTH16 with the larger synthesizer names like Yamaha and Roland, classic specialists like Dieter Doepfer (Original Kraftwerk Synthesizer maker) through many self-made and smaller exhibitors like Make Noise and others. Also, classic manufacturers of keyboard instruments like Dave Smith and leading software companies like Ableton or Native Instruments will also be present to show and demonstrate their latest developments. As renowned artists there will be Richie Hawtin (Minus Records), Daniel Miller (Mute Records founder), Gareth Jones (producer of Depeche Mode, Can, Nick Cave, Einstürzende Neubauten), T.Raumschmiere (Shitkatapult) and Instantboner. ” – Get to know Andreas as well as the perfect selected location in the following video. And read his interview.

The Berliner Funkhaus as Special Location
“The selection of the Funkhaus as a fair location is an architectural and integration win. The design of the fair not only presents the incoming exhibitors a rare ambient, but integrates the presently running or in operation recording studios and function halls. This special integration will allow for a very high level of acoustics for the presentation of instruments, which is quite rare for a musical fair. Schneider also has made travelling to and from the Funkhaus a special experience. A free boat shuttle is being provided from Mitte near the Jannowitzbrücke and Chinese Embassy which will take visitors and exhibitors through a small tour of the Berliner Spree and land directly at the Funkhaus.”

Free boat shuttle to the location? Freaking awesome!

Free Boat Shuttle
Daily From 9:00am through 10:30pm (Jannowitzbrücke – Funkhaus)

Day ticket: 35 EUR
Weekend-Ticket: 85 EUR 

Get the tickets here:

Trade Visitors: 10:00am –  22:00pm
Public: 14:00pm – 22:00pm

We are super excited about this happening, we from Itsoundsfuture will be there on friday and saturday. So, looking forward to see you guys!

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