Pyrame – The Pace Of Everything That Lives (Thisbe Recordings, THISBE01) + Interview

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Pyrame - The Pace Of Everything That Lives [ ]

Pyrame – The Pace Of Everything That Lives [ ]

Hi Pyrame, for those who don’t know about you, can you please introduce your project to our readers?

Pyrame is my artist name. It is, in fact, the middle of mine. It comes from the Greek Mythology story of Pyrame and Thisbe, two lovers in Babylon, whose love story ends up in a tragedy. A sort of “Romeo and Juliet”, viewed from the time of the Greek Mythology. I thought it was cool to use this middle name as my stage name.

I started this project three years ago. While my first EP was more electro, with some pop elements in it – mostly through the vocal melodies – my second EP has evolved into a sound more “house” – in a deep and progressive way – with a touch of techno. Some vocal melodies remain pop-ish, but overall, the sound and voices have evolved into something darker…

My background is actually fairly classic, having studied classical piano and guitar in the past, and from a taste point of view, I grew up with the whole synthwave of the 80s, the indie rock/grunge/metal/postpunk of the 90s. Bands such as The Cure, Depeche Mode, and then Metallica, Deftones, Korn, Faith No More, Rage Against the Machine, Pixies were highly influential to me. I also really enjoyed the wave of Brit-pop of the late 90s and 2000s, as well as what Beastie Boys and Chemical Brothers have produced. Electronic music came later in the picture and is now a way to create tracks using the technology that we can access nowadays.

Alright. Let’s talk about your new ‘The Pace Of Everything That Lives’ original and remixed EP.

“The Pace of Everything that Lives” is my second EP, after I released my first EP “A Fine Life” in 2019. I recently started to compose and produce music, and for the second EP, I was looking to do something darker, with longer songs (6-7 min instead of 4min). I worked with an experienced music producer here in Berlin, Sebastian Dierksen, to put together my ideas and produce a series of four songs. It is a great way to revisit a song and make it a more “club”-oriented version regarding the remixes. The mastering engineer who mastered the EP produced one of the remixes along with his bandmate from Days of Being Wild, and my friends from Local Suicide and Skelesys and Radial Gaze have done a great job at each remixing one of the original mix.

I created Thisbe Recordings to release my own tracks, first. There are a few more reasons for this, as I am also looking to dive more and more into the world of music and look at releasing tracks from other music producers whose music I love. This is an ongoing project, which will take quite some time to implement. I am very excited about this.

In terms of upcoming projects, I am already working on new tracks, and I am looking forward to the time where we will all be able to perform live again.

What – outside of creating music – allows you to express yourself?

A way to express myself would be by performing live music, although it is highly related to creating music. Apart from the music itself, I attached a lot of importance to the lyrics in the songs. That is another way to express myself. For instance, I like to approach topics that are related to all of us, such as life, love, relationships between people, and freedom. In fact, in most of the songs, there is an autobiographical aspect to it, an experience I went through. I am keen to express myself that way.

How are you dealing with the current global situation? Has it had any positive impact on your career or personal life? Have you adapted your creative or productive process during the pandemic?

The lockdown was a really concerning situation for all of us, I believe. Especially thinking about the elderly people, our families and friends around the world. It was – and still is – a unique experience. It was also a period where I spent a lot of time in my studio. And yes, it has been pretty productive, and I learned a bunch of new stuff.

Mental health is gaining more and more relevance as a subject in the clubbing scene. Is this something you would like to talk about?

It may sound surprising, but I am a relatively early bird. I rarely push it beyond 2am, where I am usually in bed. I am now in my 40s and need to take care of the family’s daily life – which generally starts early in the morning.

Personal tips and tricks to plug-off

I really like cooking for my family and friends, I often go jogging to plug-off, and I play chess.

Motivational and/or positive experiences or topics

Regarding positive experiences, and when it comes to music, I really like reaching out and involving people I appreciate and respect the work. A first example, already mentioned above, are the persons who produced a remix for the EP Remixes. A great and positive experience, for sure. Another example would be the video producers I work with and the whole framework that goes around producing a film synchronized with music. It is always a unique experience, and I really enjoy it.

Thanks Pyrame!


Our Tuesday selection:
Pyrame – The Pace Of Everything That Lives (Thisbe Recordings, THISBE01)

Tracklist: Pyrame – The Pace Of Everything That Lives (Thisbe Recordings, THISBE01)

01. Colours à l’infini
02. The Fine Line Between Us
03. The Pace of Everything That Lives
04. Drifting-off-the-Grid

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