Monophonik – Resume Form (Qilla Records, QR076)

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Monophonik – Resume Form (Qilla Records, QR076)

Qilla Records continues to serve up carefully sourced and fascinating new sounds, this time from Monophonik, a modular synth enthusiast and sound synthesist from New Delhi, India.
It’s often challenging to make sweltering rave rhythms have a lovechild with perplexingly complex chord voicings, without descending into familiar genre territories. Yet, Monophonik’s first release on Indian techno purveyor, Qilla Records seems to do just that.
Growing up in the bustle of the Indian capital – New Delhi, Monophonik’s sound reflects the chaos of its busy streets on ‘Resume Form’—where modern day automobiles, a gargantuan amount of vibrant city folk and more than the occasional cow seem to co-exist in perfect harmony, where everything and everyone are in transit, thriving in organised chaos. But this chaos is controlled, meticulously mangled and wired into a distinct sonic narrative sculpted by deft, delicate movements, resulting from the unpredictable nature of his modular system.
‘Resume Form’ is a product of Monophonik’s improvisatory experiments—in an attempt to find the humanity in machines. A heady mix of saturated sub drones, broken rhythms and quirky synth trickery, the EP’s many twists and turns surprise and overwhelm the listener all at once.

Tracklist: Monophonik – Resume Form (Qilla Records, QR076)

01. Green Chaos
02. Breathe In Silence
03. Subdue
04. Resume Form

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