Mikel Gil – Sonday (R3UK, R3UKGil02)

Our Wednesday selection: Mikel Gil – Sonday (R3UK, R3UKGil02)

Rising Spanish Techno star Mikel Gil teams up with The CoCreators and LVNR3UK to follow up their powerful success of Techno Firefly on the label group last year with current EP entitled Sonday. The CoCreators, who are also label bosses of Love Vibration Nation R3UK have hailed this effort from Mikel Gil as “His best material to date without question!” highlighting his “musical expansion and growth” with this very polished effort. The CoCreators also offer a very highly acclaimed remix of the title track Sonday as part of this package.

1. Sonday (original mix) Pretty, Dark, Techno vibes dominate the story here as Mikel paints a clear picture of imaginary landscapes and unexplored worlds with his polished production.

2. Sonday (CoCreators Final Stand Mix) A major dose of thumping bass line, cool atmospheric vocal bits and brand new synth hook will keep The CoCreators in the winning column and in the charts for sure on this massive remix. Their spin on the original techno track is to twist it inside out into a progressive bomb for dance floors and festivals alike. Large orchestral swells layered with pads and synths fly overhead throughout as well. Futuristic funk that is sure to cause a hallucination or two. Hold on.

3. Nemo (original mix) industrial bleep techno is the verdict here. Minimal but tough, Gil expertly guides us through a patient construction of metallic build ups with smoke-filled atmospheres that lead to a nice off tune synth line resolution.

Tracklist: Mikel Gil – Sonday (R3UK, R3UKGil02)

01. Sonday
02. Sonday (CoCreators Final Stand Mix)
03. Nemo

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