One Track Brain – The Hunt EP (OTB Records, OTB015)

Our Tuesday selection: One Track Brain – The Hunt EP (OTB Records, OTB015)

On the hunt for timelessness we travel far and wide and realise only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. Brilliance borders lunacy. Extreme wisdom and extreme stupidity are the same. When you know everything you know nothing. Just as minus infinity reaches plus infinity and forms a circle. Just as extreme right wing and extreme left wing are basically the same but arrived from a different angle. Extremely bad taste becomes good, and extremely good taste is contrived. The truth is in the middle (yes I have come at an age where I can say that) so we have to embrace change to be the only constant.
Everything and everyone always changes. So what does it mean “to be timeless”?
A very special thanks to Efdemin.

The story goes like this:
He gave us the strong winds remix. We told him its a bomb. We also said it‘s a little sad maybe perhaps that it contains so little of the original. “Oh let me try something” was his answer. And the very next day we got sent the good winds mix. Of course we asked if we could include both mixes. How could we choose?

Tracklist: One Track Brain – The Hunt EP (OTB Records, OTB015)

01. The Hunt
02. The Hunt (Efdemin‘s Strong Wind Remix)
03. Only The Wisest and Stupidest of Men Never Change
04. The Hunt (Efdemin‘s Good Winds Remix)

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