Matador – The Enemy EP (Rukus, RUKUS001)

Matador is back, dropping the first release of his own imprint Rukus. He first came on my radar when flying under the Minus flag, but by then, he had already created music for Perc Trax and Cocoon. No less than legendary Felix da Housecat is contributing his vocals to the first track of the pack, and we are already curious as to what future releases will come from this label. But lets start at the beginning…

Tracklist: Matador – The Enemy EP (Rukus, RUKUS001)

01. The Enemy ft Felix Da Housecat
02. Nocturnal
03. Remember
04. Dinkys

01. The Enemy ft Felix Da Housecat:
A minatory bass synth embraces and mesmerises you along with another pulsating bassline, all ridden by classic 909 Rides. Da Housecat talks with his adjuring voice into your right ear, while Matadors signature deep tones are conquering the other one. Friend or foe? Well, you don’t know. A beautiful distorted reality.

02. Nocturnal:
A tasty bassline mixed again with iconic deep notes and tones, which dry up in deep delays and slowy peter out the deep sea of dark synthesis.

03. Remember:
A deep techno track. Melodic bassline, Felix’s vocals, uplifting distorted stabs, everything you need is found here.

04. Dinkys:
A high polyphonous synth sets the tone and atmosphere. Standing hypnotized in the room, the bassline sneaks in and puts the soul back into your body. This old skool and cutting synth tells you about a better future, which is promising and delightful. And that you don’t have to be afraid of it. Like we also foresee it in the introduction of this blog: “The future is bright, vibrant and euphonious”. As everybody, we like happy endings. And this final tune.

Conclusion: A rock-solid foundation block of the new Rukus label and a terrific mixture of talent, legend, vision, black magic and divine light.

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