Marhu – Obession [Arkham Audio, Arkio13]

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Marhu – Obession [Arkham Audio, Arkio13]

Brussels based DJ & producer Mahru brings her dark, energetic and powerful sound to the forefront of her debut EP titled Obsession. The project is centred around thumping kick drums, obscure and aggressive sounds, all tied together by intoxicating acid synths with D.A.V.E the drummer and Cri du Coeur both contributing remixes to the EP. Although Mahru is relatively fresh on the scene, she has been making a name for herself within the techno community, playing at Extrema Outdoor Belgium, as well as clubs in and around Belgium. Her previous releases were on Fe Chrome and she contributed with a track to the Arkham Friends’ compilation, while this EP is set to release through Arkham Audio as well.

The project sets off with the title track ‘Obsession’. The track’s kick drum has a clear crisp knock to it while the sub bass swells and cradles around it perfectly. The sharp acid stabs in conjunction with this make it a very stomping track while the arpeggiated synth in the background flows with the acid synths’ resonance.

‘Nothing’ is the second track on the EP and has a bit more depth and groove to it. The massive low end grooves beautifully with the flowing acid synth as well as the bright variations of hi-hats.

Next up we have ‘In My Head’ which has a very bright kick and a wobbling bass that’s sure to make your chest rumble. The tight and delicate hats loosen up creating a washing of bright noise that flows over the track while the acid synth continues to send you into another realm.

The forth track ‘Hymn Of Emergency’ fits perfectly due to the distressful synth that’s become synonymous with huge warehouse raves. The track’s sub swells between every fourth and first beat while giving it space to ride smoothly beneath the kick drum between these intervals. The hats remain tight while the cymbals flow over the track creating even more tension.

D.A.V.E. The Drummer rains down pure destruction in his remix of ‘Nothing’. Waves of noise wash around you as the drums and acid synth continue driving you forward. As the filter on the acid synth gets turned higher, the track becomes more intense by the second, resulting in pure dance-floor devastation.

Cri du Coeur’s remix of ‘Obsession’ features rolling kick drums that, when thrown in with the acid synth and high hats, become janky and bouncy. The sound design and vocal editing is both mind-boggling and hypnotising at the same time.

Marhu continues sharing her love for acid techno and forms a strong foundation with this release from which she can continue to grow. Having delivered a thumping EP with some prestigious names contributing to it, the future looks bright for Marhu. ‘Obsession’ will be available on April 1st through Arkham Audio.

Tracklist: Marhu – Obession [Arkham Audio, Arkio13]

01. Obsession
02. Nothing
03. In My Head
04. Hymn Of Emergency
05. Nothing (D.A.V.E the Drummer remix)
06. Obsession (Cri Du Coeur Remix)

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