Jeroen Viktor – Cyclone (Adeon Records, ADEON002)

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Jeroen Viktor – Cyclone (Adeon Records, ADEON002)

We are an exact replication of everything that is around us. An image of what we pro- ject to the world through the act of living, while everything we interact with becomes a reflection of ourselves. At least this is how the Buddhists think. One could agree,
we are components of a self-reflective autonomous system.

In „Cyclone“, Jeroen Viktor enters a journey into self-reflection embodied as an EP including three original electronic music compositions matching different sub-genres while using an ever-present acid lead synth on each track.

The cut that titles the release, „Cyclone“, is an infusion of hypnotic techno sequen- ces, house melodies trance arpeggios and synthwave basslines working as a system of sound waves rotating inwards to an area of low sonic pressure.

A voyage to the world of the self, a self that sits still in the eye of life‘s storm. „Ato- mic“ envisions an epic trip to the realm of protons, electrons and neutrons through a pounding techno drum-section intertwined with heavenly melodies, female vocals, arpeggiated synth leads and dramatic breakdowns typical of a sci-fi movie.

In „Space Flight“, Jeroen Viktor depicts a ride past the outer limits of planet earth to locate otherworldly ancient civilizations who may still possess the lost electro rhythms which match perfectly with melodies reminiscent of the most notable 90‘s trance tracks.

To seal the release, Jeroen summoned a legendary Japanese producer known for perfect chord progressions and gratifying melodies found on his original tracks and remixes. Satoshi Fumi‘s remix of „Cyclone“ is a fusion of electro rhythms and synth arpeggios, techno bassline, house melodies and a large dose of Detroit techno chords all masterfully mixed and arranged into a massive reinterpretation.

Tracklist: Jeroen Viktor – Cyclone (Adeon Records, ADEON002)

01. Cyclone
02. Atomic
03. Cyclone (Satoshi Fumi Remix)
04. Space Flight

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