ISF Radio Podcast #020 w/ JODY K (South Afrika Special)

Hey fellas,
itsoundsfuture is back, amazing things happend in the last months and now we are finally
back online. – So what happened?

I flew for the third time in a row to the AfrikaBurn and played for my friends of the Space Cowboys and the Tankwa Dragon crew around Chris Koch. I can happily admid, of all the 12 Burns I did so far, this was the most impressive, the best, the most intense and a just a stream of never ending happiness. omg, I still get goosebumps
thinking of it. In the next weeks I will release at least one of the sets I played there.

I met more amazing people in Cape Town, had my first Cape Town gig and brought even more sets for our South Africa Special: people like Jody K from the Space Cowboys or this uprising talent Makonwabe Bekwa alias Audiojerk.

So Afrikaburn was the perfect start for the festival season, and after coming back to Europe FHLR Musik and Lauter Unfug flew to Luxembourg to launch the Rave the Farm

festival, from where we just came back … in two days we had like a 1000 people and even more happy faces. Next stop: Amphitronic in July in Luxembourg again.

Next party in Berlin will be our Suicide Circus gig on Sunday the 10th of June.

And now, I am happy to announce my good friend Jody K, freaking cool guy, he discovered me on the 2016 Afrikaburn to play for the Space Cowboys, and ever since this friendship and the musical band between us is becoming stronger. Listen to his great journey he created on this year’s Africaburn.

Jody K (@jodyk-sa):

Hi, it’s Jody K from Cape Town … part of the Space Cowboys collective. A big shout out to Daniel from Its sounds future for putting me on his show, thanks buddy!
My sound is deep house/tech house, I like to mix a bit of the old, a bit of the new …always trying to keep it slightly different.
I hope you guys enjoy the next 90 mins, its taken from my Friday night set at Afrikaburn.


Tracklist ISF Radio Podcast #020 w/ Jody K (@jodyk-sa):

01. David Douglas – California Poppy
02. Minnesota 999 A.A.L. (Against All Logic)
03. Ninze & Okaxy – Air
04. Nutia – Fade
05. Amount – Weisshorn
06. Something In The Air Maya Jane Coles
07. Roots (Original Mix) Chopstick & Johnjon, Signaljacker
08. Metatext – Walking in the Shadow (Feat. Pari-San)
09. Born By The River feat Alex Who_ (Superlounge Remix) – Wild Dark
10. Steve Bug – Somewhere In The Night
11. Slip Away (Daniel Bortz Remix) – Mario Basanov
12. Now You’re Gone (Original Mix) – Vhyce
13. Lorca – Creta Kano
14. Luke Solomon – People, Places, Thoughts and Faces (Redux)
15. If Not Tomorrow Maybe Someday (Original Mix) – Sascha Sibler, Daniel Bortz
16. Parga – Djuma Soundsystem
17. Working for It (Original Mix) – Adam Port feat. Jennifer Touch

You can follow Jody K on all social media:

▶ @jodyk-sa

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