ISF Radio Podcast #010 w/ Polyphonprimat

Hello everybody, it’s another episode of the ISF radio podcast, and it’s already number 10 of this show.

I had an exciting week, three parties in a row, starting with our event at Suicide Circus on Sunday, x-mas party at the Insomnia nightclub on Monday and finally x-mas party at the Baremboim-Said academy on Tuesday. I don’t know how I survived this x-mas parties, because the first party was killing it … and me!

I think I was home something like noon 12 or 1pm, and in the beginning, it all looked completely different:
We had this classic start where everything went wrong. Due to heavy snowing the flight of our headliner Skober was cancelled and he had to take the train to come to Berlin. When we wanted to pick him up at the train station, we found out that the train had another delay of one hour, so it was very tight to be on time with the soundcheck before the club openend. Also also due to heavy snowing in Berlin, almost no one showed up within the first 30 minutes … but then, everybody came, and everybody danced, and people where freaking out in a good way. Like in a good set the tension and the energy rose higher and higher, and when Skober started, the club was on fire!

We got people who got rejected from Berghain, saying that they where so lucky being rejected so that they could be here that night – Wow – I think, this was one of the biggest compliment you can get in this city (as an event organizer). And our party was such a rave, that we added another hour, because no one wanted to leave, even the barkeepers where on our side. So I am happy to announce, that we now have every month a date in Suicide Circus till July, and we can state without bragging:

We are the new SUNDAY TO MONDAY party in Berlin.

Our next show will be on the 14th of January, so save the date fellas!

Moving on to our show today, we have another friend of mine, and another member of the Superhelden like DJ Herztonmacher which we had before. Today it is: Polyphonprimat


Thank you Hartojo for having me here!
Here is Polyphonprimat speaking from SuperheldenRecords Berlin.

I am in a polyamorous relationship with electronic music since 1998, Drum & Bass, HappyHardcore, I moved to Berlin in 2005 there I came to Techno, Deep & TechHouse in all its facets.
Since 2014 with SuperheldenRecords, I’ve played festivals like „Zurück zu den Wurzeln“, also the famous KitKatKlub, the CSD Berlin and events abroad.

TechHouse today on your ears and into your legs.
For upcoming events check the known channels; I am now retiring to the winter quarters to make the first EP.
Have Fun, Listen, Enjoy, Share and Care!


Tracklist ISF Radio Podcast #010 w/ Polyphonprimat:

01. Yumala (Original Mix) – Animal Trainer
02. La Noche (D Formation Remix) – Coca & Villa
03. Pump It Up (Original Mix) – Dead Spac
04. Trip Report (Original Mix) – Billy Kenny
05. Super Pit (Original Mix) – Format:B
06. Back to Basics (Original Mix) – Denney
07. Weak (Mak Pasteman Remix) – Maya Jane Coles
08. Distortion Sex Techno (Original Mix) – Armitage
09. Dr Vibes (Original Mix) – Patrick Topping
10. Profound (Original Mix) – Anturage, Alexey Union
11. Amaravita (Original Mix) – Anturage, Alexey Union
12. El Segundo (Original Mix) – Eddie M
13. Catch The Light (Original Mix) – Anturage, Alexey Union
14. Ineffable Skies (Aemes Remix) – Aaryon


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