Hartojo – Valley of Darkness (Fehler Musik, FHLR022)

Pick of the week: Hartojo – Valley of Darkness (Fehler Musik, FHLR022)

‘The Arrival’ in the valley of darkness is a footslog of techno.
It marches strong, adamant, and forceful forward. No looking back. A stomping push and pressure alongside dense and energetic percussions. Further down this musical journey, distorted horns dissuade the listener off the path and lead into the darkest parts of this sonic valley. The siren call is a beautiful distraction, and you follow deep down this rabbit hole. But you know you were taken here for a reason. Like an ambush, the track comes back with brute force rolling over every existence — fierce and furious finale.

‘The Elevator’ starts playful, but takes off very fast. The low-end hits soon with massive vibrations surging against the dancefloor. You feel this is not an average elevator. No, my friend. It is a steel roller coaster ride at its finest. The first slope just builds for shooting up into peak time lunacy. The high pitched 101 twitters in frequencies from a glorious past and a never coming tomorrow … will this ever stop?

Skober adds another dimension and his unique signature to ‘The Elevator’; the pressure becomes almost unbearable. You fall deeply grateful into the break, and yes, the glorious past backs you up again. Scream and shout baby!

While ‘The Elevator’ reminds us of the glorious past, ‘The Quantum Field’ tells all about the dazzling future. Uplifting energy through modulation while acid cuts the air. Hefty drums dictate the sound of the revolution. And then there is the moment: consciousness creates reality because reality is an illusion.
Welcome to the quantum field.

Xentrix keeps the party going with his take on ‘The Quantum Field’. Steady pushing, slowly modulating and intensely escalating. Your transition into the after hour. Yes. Round two.

Tracklist: Hartojo – Valley of Darkness (Fehler Musik, FHLR022)

01. The Arrival
02. The Elevator
03. The Elevator (Skober Remix)
04. The Quantum Field
05. The Quantum Field (Xentrix Remix)

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