Hartbrand – Brunst EP (Safeword Records, SWD001)

Our selection: Hartbrand – Brunst EP (Safeword Records, SWD001)

Berlin-based modular performer and industrial techno craftsman Hartbrand spearheads newly launched Safeword Records imprint with a dark and driving release entitled ‘Brunst’.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Gesaffelstein, Daniel Avery and Black Asteroid, Hartbrand fuels his production by creating soundscapes that reflect the feeling of a divided society and uniformed workers in the digital age of capitalism. Now, Hartbrand brings his energy-heavy and dark beats to Safeword Records with four accompanying immense and emotively challenging music videos, resonating with the label’s intent to communicate thought-provoking messages through sound.

‘Brunst’ opens with full-frontal synth stabs, rumbling bass and driving percussion until ‘Vater’ propels forward with shooting analogue patterns, heavily saturated kicks and haunting sirens. Next, ‘Dynast’ dives further into dystopia with swinging beat programming, distant vocal shots and harrowing keys before ‘Utopia’ returns the senses to a warehouse atmosphere with chattering plucks, snappy hi-hats and thunder-like sub frequencies.

Tracklist: Hartbrand – Brunst EP (Safeword Records, SWD001)

01. Brunst (Original Mix)
02. Vater (Original Mix)
03. Dynast (Original Mix)
04. Utopia (Original Mix)

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