Dynkur – Tschüssi EP (FALK Records, FALKDISKS05)

Our Tuesday selection: Dynkur – Tschüssi EP (FALK Records, FALKDISKS05)

Iceland’s Dynkur debuts on FALKdisks with four thunderous cuts entitled ‘Tschüssi’ EP.

Dynkur is the creative alias of Thordur Arnarson who’s been working with sound for over twenty years through DJing, engineering and instrument creation. Dynkur represents the rough side of Thordur’s sound with exploration and improvisation being an intricate part of his process. Arnarson experiments by morphing beats and textures together which can be heard not only in his recordings but also in his live shows with an appearance at Sonar in his hometown of Reykjavík coming up later in 2019. Dynkur’s ‘Tshüssi’ EP sees him join FALKdisks, the sub-label of FALK (Fuck Art Let’s Kill) following the likes Asmus Odsat and Jónbjörn, as well as AAIIEENN and Lord Pusswhip on the main label.

‘Trk01’ begins with resonating kicks, acid synth zaps and undulating, angelic pads before ‘Errrare’ maintains the gritty sound design delivering sharp modulations, pacey drums and eccentric, wavering tones. Raw elements layered with pitched down, distorted percussion and shrilling oscillations make way for ‘Arecibo’ until ‘Ocean of Sound’ finishes things off with haunting synth keys, esoteric vocal samples and machine-like pulsations thudding in and out of focus.

Dynkur ‘Tschüssi’ EP drops on FALKdisks on 12th April 2019.

Tracklist: Dynkur – Tschüssi EP (FALK Records, FALKDISKS05)

01. Trk01
02. Errrare
03. Arecibo
04. Ocean of Sound

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