De Wolt – Remixes (Hypernatural Recordings, HYNLD011)

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De Wolt – Remixes (Hypernatural Recordings, HYNLD011)
After De Wolt released two EPs in the last year and while preparing for the release of their full length album
in autumn, they are proudly presenting ‘De Wolt Remixes EP’ here on Hypernatural Recordings. In this EP De Wolt are coming back to their dancefloor roots with 6 DJ friendly remixes to their songs by various guest artists, ment for different moments on the dancefloor.

Danny Kotz: “We always saw our music as a crossover between electronic dance music and the indie world so it’s very important for us to give some love back to the DJs and the dancefloor and have our music played also in the clubs.”

“Nothing can’t stop you now” Dickey Doo’s Remix of ‘Clear Fog’ keeps the 80’s like aesthetic of the original song and focuses on certain parts of the lyrics and the bassline with a hypnotic percussive groove and a ‘Pet Shop Boys’-like choir pad in the background. It keeps on pushing forward while keeping the dancer at the party in an almost trance-like meditative state.

Nrec’s Remix to ‘Music Hunters’ takes the song from the domain of Retro sounding synth wave Pop, and transforms it into a big stage festival dance anthem. With an edgy modern sound and a tight production, this remix is playful, charming and ambitious. While it reinterprets the arrangement of the song into something new, it still manages to keep the spirit of the original alive within.

Mark Jackus also remixes ‘Clear Fog’ and turns it into an open air slow burner, perfect for those early morning sunrise moments when all the people on the dancefloor are feeling as one. Focusing on the arpeggios of the song as a focal point, the mix keeps on building and blending layers andtextures that gives it an almost mystical depth.

Danny Kotz of De Wolt and the third of the Hypernatural label team strips down ‘Our Love Is Gone’ into a slow acid burning intense trip. Focusing on the synth layers of the song with a top up of light percussions and a repetitive 303-like low bassline that is gradually revealed throughout the track. This mix almost sounds like it has been taken from a 90’s car racing video game, and we all know what is the prize for those who make it to the finish line ‘wink wink’.

Hypernatural Recording’s very own House head and half of Jack The Box, Bobby Starrr flips ‘Music Hunters’ into a newer territory he calls ‘Circus House’, a style he formed during his time in Vienna. Looping the bassline in a lockgroove fashion and adding layers of latin percussion takes the original from it’s New Wave sound into a trippy Berlin Cabaret vibe which feels like a scene set in the deepest German forest while chasing unicorns all night long. Get your hunt on!

While using her own inventive technique of textures overlapping, Nina Pixel closes up the EP and transforms ‘Our Love Is Gone’ into an ambient modern classic noise piece of art, intriguing, deep and enigmatic. Just like in real life relationships, she is flowing between harmony and disharmony, tension and relief, which keeps the evident question open… is our love really gone?

Tracklist: De Wolt – Remixes (Hypernatural Recordings, HYNLD011)

01. Clear Fog (Dickey Doo Bobcat Mix)
02. Music Hunters (Nrec Remix)
03. Clear Fog (Mark Jackus Remix)
04. Our Love Is Gone (Danny Kotz Acid Burn Slow Mix)
05. Music Hunters (Bobby Starrr’s Hypernatural Remix)
06. Our Love Is Gone (Nina Pixel Modern Classic Ambient Mix)

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