ANEW – Airborne (ANEW Records, ANEW010+011)

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ANEW – Airborne (ANEW Records, ANEW010+011)

ANEW is the secretive alias of an artist duo whose roots are deep within the European and US club scenes.

Releasing exclusively on their namesake label ANEW Records, the imprint has featured a lot of their original material, while also featuring remix contributions from Ostgut Ton’s Tobias. and London-based Blueprint owner James Ruskin.

The newest EP welcomes Spanish titan Tensal and one half of the Exium duo who has released on labels such as Oscar Mulero’s PoleGroup and Warm Up, Bas Mooy’s Mord, Slam’s Soma and many more.

“Airborne” is a grungy and atmospheric workout for those who like a deep and cerebral trip of warping textures and analogue experimentation.

Tensal’s remix thickens out the beat and uses metallic tones as the main melodic focus. Swirling hisses and driving tension demand the listeners attention to ride the climactic crescendo’s and rolling groove of this discerning DJ weapon.

Tracklist: ANEW – Airborne (ANEW Records, ANEW010+011)

01. Airborne
02. Airborne (Tensal Remix)

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