24hours in the life of the greatest artists of all time

Time. Constantly drifting away.

Incessantly and inevitably sand falls in the hourglass of Life.
How to orient oneself in this infinite desert? How to get all the music out of your head, and all these other creative projects, before you kick the bucket?
The rising heat reinforces the feeling that time is running faster and faster…
you are literally in a race against it.

Where is the damn path which brings me into the lush green gardens of an oasis where my ideas burgeon like tulips in the spring?

A question with which creatives have always employed. They have the same 24 hours available to us. I found this beautiful visual representation of a day in the life of some of the brightest minds in history.

“Using the book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey, RJ Andrews at Info We Trust designed some enlightening visualizations of how history’s most creative and influential figures structured their days. Unfortunately, there is no common prescription for the perfect schedule, and each person had a very different set of rituals.”

The book is a great collection of these rituals, I enjoyed reading it a lot. It was quite inspirational.
My favourite freak of choice ? РHonor̩ de Balzac

What is yours? Comment below.

Creative Routines by various artists. ITSOUNDSFUTURE.COM

Creative Routines from various artists. ITSOUNDSFUTURE.COM



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