Heckadecimal – Critters (Kajunga, KAJUNGA007)

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Heckadecimal – Critters (Kajunga, KAJUNGA007)

This June Minneapolis imprint Kajunga serves up five tracks of hardware-driven dancefloor electronics from one of the city’s DIY scene mainstays, Heckadecimal.

Titled ‘Critters’, the EP from Heckadecimal sees the Always Human Tapes co-founder explore dissonant tones, warped acid and electro aesthetics throughout. Whether it’s the dense sound design and resonant leads of opener, ‘Bat Silk Stunt’, the creeping discordance of ‘D’etre’ or the more contemplative, wistful tones of ’The Luminous Flesh of Giants’ each track here is refreshingly non-standard dancefloor gear and all the better for it. Even when cracking the tried and tested 303 out, the mid-west producer confidently pushes it beyond what we’re used to.

After a stream of releases from local talent like Private Guy and Cloudy Kid, Kajunga is developing a discography that veers from slick deep house to rousing warehouse techno without skipping a beat and this EP is no different.

Tracklist: Heckadecimal – Critters (Kajunga, KAJUNGA007)

01. Bat Silk Stunt
02. D’etre
03. Acid Tenders
04. Digital Foam
05. The Luminous Flesh of Giants

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