Various Artists – U R Here! U-TRAX 20+21 Vision Mixtape Vol. 2 (U-TRAX, 22UTR QDM11)

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Various Artists – U R Here! U-TRAX 20+21 Vision Mixtape Vol. 2 (U-TRAX, 22UTR QDM11)

Hot on the heels of ‘Vision Mixtape’ Vol. 1, electronic music label U-TRAX invite Dutch producer Legowelt, aka Danny Wolfers, to curate a second compilation album.

Danny Wolfers is a truly prolific producer and performer who effortlessly spans various electronic music styles. Most frequently producing as Legowelt, his unique style comes from an unfaltering devotion to hardware, be it old, new or completely worn out. Wolfers spends his days jamming on music-making toys with his output veering from dense techno to whizzing electro, deeper electronic and everything in between. Clone, L.I.E.S., Bunker, you name it, they have all come calling for the man’s music. Quite simply, Legowelt is a musical force with boundless artistry.

Wolfers and U-TRAX label boss DJ White Delight first met each other at the doorsteps of record store Rush Hour during A.D.E. 2018. Being a fan of Legowelt, White Delight spoke to Wolfers for over an hour before discovering he was the producer Legowelt. As a high school kid in the mid-90s, U-TRAX were a vital label for Wolfers, and some of the first records he ever bought (at I.F.’s legendary The Hague Hotmix Record Store) were U-TRAX releases. Legowelt decided to post his first demo tape to U-TRAX, taking huge inspiration from early releases on the label. Due to a twist of fate, that tape ended up at someone else’s mailbox, and U-TRAX never got to learn about Wolfers’ genius before going into a 21-year hibernation in 1997.

Fast forward to 2021 and Legowelt and U-TRAX finally join forces, with Wolfers picking some of his all-time favourites from the U-TRAX back catalogue and Phoq U Phonogrammen archives, in addition to taking a peek at future U-TRAX releases. He selected the 14 tracks, wrote very personal notes for each one and created artwork in his characteristic style. His drawing depicts some Utrecht landmarks, like the Dom Tower (as featured in the U-TRAX logo) and the city’s unique canals.

The compilation brings a wide range of electronic music, from smooth ambient techno to hard electro, and spicing things up further with acid, techno and hip hop flavours. It features nine tracks from the 90s archives of U-TRAX and Phoq U Phonogrammen, by techno favourites like The Connection Machine, Tick Trax, P.A. Presents, Sonar Base and one track by Sp@sms from 2019. This selection of classics is completed by four brand new tracks from forthcoming U-TRAX albums by artists like hip-hop producer Thavius Beck (N.Y.C.), old school electro producer Nuklear Prophet (L.A.) and new school electro producer w1b0 (N.L.).

Tracklist: Various Artists – U R Here! U-TRAX 20+21 Vision Mixtape Vol. 2 (U-TRAX, 22UTR QDM11)

01. Inventions And Diamentions – Serinity (edit)
02. P.A.Presents – Flight Stimulator (video edit)
03. Sonar Base – Sonar Base 6
04. Nuklear Prophet – Doctorz Of Crime
05. The Connection Machine – Echoes From Tau Ceti
06. Tick Trax – Pump Track
07. Sp@sms – Titanic (Underwater Dub)
08. The Connection Machine – Evilish Cosmos
09. Thavius Beck – Reunited With The All
10. Maarten & Tjeerd – Winter
11. Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind – Crossin’ The Madmoon (edit)
12. Nuklear Prophet – The Train Ride To Coconino
13. Jo-I – A7
14. w1b0 – Syntax Error

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