Toni Dextor – Petrifaction EP (made of CONCRETE, MOCD015)

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Toni Dextor – Petrifaction EP (made of CONCRETE, MOCD015)

Longtime moC family member Toni Dextor returns to the label with three original tracks and enlists Italian producer and DJ Roberto Clementi for his pick on the remix.

Aptly defined as “the process by which organic matter exposed to minerals over a long period is turned to a stony substance”, the title track ‘Petrification’ stays true to its name. Relentless metallic synths, a punching bassline and inviting vocals turn the track into a solid anthem. Using similar ingredients, but with an entirely new recipe, ‘Demand’ is a mesmerizing piece whose acidic bass feels beamed from a distant universe, drenching the floor in an eerie light. In comparison with the intensity and changes of the previous tracks, ‘Bad Gateway’ takes on a steady and constant approach. Profound pads create a layer of mystery, while delivering relentless energy. Roberto Clementi envisions ‘Petrification’ with a newfound energy, amping up the impact with a punchy resolution.

Tracklist: Toni Dextor – Petrifaction EP (made of CONCRETE, MOCD015)

01. Petrifaction
02. Demand
03. Bad Gateway
04. Petrifaction (Roberto Clementi Remix)

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