Saytek – Berlin / Warsaw LIVE EP (HIKE, HIKE005)

Pick of the week: Saytek – Berlin / Warsaw LIVE EP (HIKE, HIKE005)

This time we are happy to have Saytek on board for our 5th release and of course it makes us even more happy that
one of the originators of Detroit Techno, Kevin Saunderson made a Re-Edit of the live recorded material. Saytek has
gathered some serious momentum over the last few years and has become one of the electronic music scene’s most  in demand live acts.

He has garnered acclaim the world over with his improvised live shows that see him using a myriad of kit to perform a uique blend of deep techno & tough house grooves with dubby acidic hues. Saytek is master of musical technology with a unique energy and ear for melody and knows exactly how to make each piece of studio kit dance to his visionary ideas.

The EP is called Berlin / Warsaw (Live), because there he recorded these two tracks live. And when you are playing a
tough live set in Warsaw, it’s always great to recover on a hike thru the Kampinoski Park Narodowy 20 km north-west of
Warsaw. Within the park, there are over 5,000 types of animal, including salmon, lynx, black storks and bison. The area
has been recognized by UNESCO World Biosphere Reservation of biological diversity. As the National park is more famous
for it’s mushrooms, we used a beautiful Biotit that can be found in many places all over Europe.

Tracklist: Saytek – Berlin / Warsaw LIVE EP (HIKE, HIKE005)

01. Warsaw LIVE (Original Mix)
02. Warsaw LIVE (Kevin Saunderson Re-edit)
03. Berlin LIVE (Original Mix)
04. Berlin LIVE (RAVN Interpretation)
05. Warsaw LIVE (AERZ BW Re-Edit)


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