Mon Groove – The Wormhole (Fehler Musik, FHLR029)

Pick of the weekend: Mon Groove – The Wormhole (Fehler Musik, FHLR029)

Fehler Musik’s Chief Groove Officer drops his second release on FHLR.
It’s the techno soundtrack of a space odyssey and music from the event horizon.

‘The Wormhole (Positive Mass)’ is an asynchronous and monotonous techno beauty. The track hides its polyphony subtly in the back, until finally the melody rises into florescence and taking the listener’s mind to a faraway place.
Big saturated distorted kicks on acid – an out-of-space experience.

Swirling through the darkness and depth comes ‘The Wormhole (Negative Mass)’.
A deep and slow banger, anti-gravity meets exotic matter … holy shit!
Sophisticated simplicity made for eternal time and space.

Tracklist: Mon Groove – The Wormhole (Fehler Musik, FHLR029)

01. The Wormhole (Positive Mass)
02. The Wormhole (Negative Mass)

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