Marco Uson – A Travel Trough The Universe (Uzons Records, UZ004)

Pick of the week: Marco Uson – A Travel Trough The Universe (Uzons Records, UZ004)

Marco Uson has come back to Uzons Records with an outstanding six-track EP: “A Travel Through The Universe”. This release has two parts. The first part consists of three deep and hypnotic Techno tracks that are made for enjoying a rave. The second part includes three Ambient versions of the Techno tracks that really could put any mind on a great “Interplanetarium” voyage. Interplanetarium, the first song, is probably the most energetic and powerful track with a high hypnotizing effect based on transcendental vocals which can elevate the emotions of any raver to a radically different dimension. On the other hand Interplanetarium ambient version is an experimental influenced track with a pronounced mental effect, enhanced with the main arpeggiated synth sound.

“Bell Trip” which is on the side B of the release is a relaxing and low powered techno track with a high BPM. It may be the perfect high BPM song to chill any DJ set. This track contains very atypical bells, textures and sounds that along with some pads on the background gets you to start traveling. The ambient version of this track is probably the craziest of all , due to the experimentation with the bell sounds that creates a great variety of soundscape that in some moments can even become chaotic.

The third track “Into The Universe” is techno with some melodic and tribal influences . The flowing and depth vibe makes this track really unique. It is an overwhelming song that can turn on any rave out there. The organic sound of the ambient version of “Into the Universe” makes this track possibly the most emotional of the whole EP, due especially to the marimba arpeggiated sound.

Tracklist: Marco Uson – A Travel Trough The Universe (Uzons Records, UZ004)

01. Interplanetarium (Original Mix)
02. Bell Trip (Original Mix)
03. Into The Universe (Original Mix)
04. Interplanetarium (Ambient Version)
05. Bell Trip (Ambient Version)
06. Into The Universe (Ambient Version)

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