Flat Maze – Gran Canaria (Jazz-O-Tech, JOT016)

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Flat Maze – Gran Canaria (Jazz-O-Tech, JOT016)

Jazz-o-Tech welcomes back Berlin pair Flat Maze for a second EP on the label following their Dick Dunker EP in 2018. This time they combine scintillating jazz and elec- tronic sounds on Gran Canaria, a five tracker which includes remixes from Arnaud Le Texier and Dinamite.

This pair is made up of Italian Stefano Mori on electronics and guitar, and Tel-Aviv born Uri Gincel on piano. The former is well known in Berlin having played live and DJed with various collectives, and the latter toured the world as an in demand piano player before immersing himself in electronic music and collaborating with the likes of Mathew Herbert. Together they find a perfect sweet spot between instrumental jazz solos and deep techno drums and always take you on an escapist trip.

The opening track emerged from the beach of Los Palomas in Gran Canaria, where the sun and the wind of the dunes inspired Stefano to create the rhythm and bass, while Uri added the melancholic, Latin jazz piano line. The result is a gorgeous track that washes over you like a warm breeze as dancing keys bring real dynamism. ‚Pe- tardo Boy‘ featuring Sebastian Studnitsky on trumpet is inspired by an eccentric and explosive character from Berlin. It started with a melancholic riff by Uri before Ste- fano developed an electronic composition as wild as the personality of Petardo Boy himself. The drifting trumpet up top is romantic and late night, the drums are deep and the mood intimate. Last of all, ‚Golden Cat‘ features a scratchy electronic riff in- spired by Uri‘s cat. It‘s a textured centre piece around which pulsing drums, snapping hits and haunting jazz keys all move freely.

Arnaud Le Texier steps up to remix ‚Gran Canaria‘ and flip sit into a slick and quick techno workout with majestic melodies and tender chords, while Dinamite flips ‚Pe- tardo Boy‘ into a menacing, broken beat and glitchy techno weapon for darkened warehouses.

This EP once again perfectly embodies the mission of this unique label.

Jazz-o-Tech is a label that draws on the rich heritage of two of the most visionary and experimental genes in music: jazz and techno. Taking inspiration from the freeform creative nature of those two musical worlds, artists on the label mix tradition with modernity, improvisation with experimentation, and create a new sound known as techno-jazz. Modern music needs to be ambitious. It must aim to deliver a musical message which is one step beyond what has already been heard. It must take you on a new musical journey into unknown dimensions and emotions. That is the Jazz- o-Tech mission.

Tracklist: Flat Maze – Gran Canaria (Jazz-O-Tech, JOT016)

01. Gran Canaria
02. Petardo Boy
03. Golden Cat
04. Petardo Boy (Dinamite Remix)
05. Gran Canaria (Arnaud Le Texier Remix)

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