FHLR Musik Podcast #013 w/ Hubert Kubski

Hey fellas, welcome back the FHLR podcast today w/ Hubert Kubski.
I had a great time in South Afrika and the AfrikaBurn, and now we are finally back online.

Last Sunday we had our first open air party at Suicide Circus Berlin, and right now I am already sitting in sunny Luxembourg for the Rave the Farm festival kicking off tomorrow. Mon Groove and me are showcasing FHLR Music and we can’t wait playing at this venue and sound system, yesterday’s sound check left no questions and I guess the system won’t take any prisoners 😉

Alright, in our show today we have Hubert Kubski,
and Hubert ist part the this eerie moments collective which caught our attention.

Hubert Kubski (@eeriemoments):
Hi, I’m Hubert Kubski and my artist name is the same like real name.
I’m from Srem it’s a small city near Poznan in Poland.
I am 29 and I’ve been interested in electronic music since I was 8.
In this time I create my style listening to various types of electronic music such as tech house, house, progressive, minimal and finally techno.
I am the part of the eerie moments collective which was created with my 3 friends.
It was 4 years ago. Since this time, we’ve been preparing sets to release positive energy in people. Our collective performed in two underground poznan clubs „project lab” and „schron” and twice on Elecrtic Flash Festival in Zielona Góra and it was a great time.
My sets are a huge dose of atmospheric and dark techno. I think there is nothing better than give people energy from the decks and i hope you enjoy it now.

Tracklist FHLR Musik Podcast #013 w/ Hubert Kubski:

1. VII Circle – Archetype
2. VII Circle – Alpha
3. Kas st – The Eternal Why
4. Niereich – 11am Moonglow
5. Alan Backdrop – Endia
6. Shlomo – M.U.M. (Johannes Heil Remix)
7. VII Circle – Nobody Can Escape From Himself (Keith Carnal Remix)
8. VII Circle – Eternal
9. SLV – Jetzt
10. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Ein Freund Fürs Leben
11. Etapp Kyle – Quantum
12. SLV – Kreuzwege

You can follow Hubert Kubski on all social media:

▶ @eeriemoments
▶ www.facebook.com/MusicBoxEnigma/
▶ www.youtube.com/channel/UCXV98KXa…NEEBfH4Q/featured

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