DLV – Rave Instructor (DLV Bandcamp, DLV001)

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DLV – Rave Instructor (DLV Bandcamp, DLV001)

DLV is the driving force behind Acid Techno Techno Club and now self-releases three of his powerful dance floor weapons.

Acid Techno Techno Club is an organization run by DLV that meets to discuss, show, and promote acid techno in a local community setting and it has given the Austrian artist and party promoter a cult following both locally and internationally. His hard hitting, no frills and direct sound is pure fire on the dance floor and can be heard on his remixes for KAS:ST and Hadone, in addition to his pounding sets at his parties.

‘Rave instructor’ has lasers fired out of a gun shooting across a flat footed kick drum that prowls you forwards. Vocal stabs add fuel to the fire and eventually a frazzled synth breaks free to get hands in the air. The excellent ‘Space Machine’ is another futurist techno banger, with twisted acid lines weaving in and out of the hammering drums while bright synth patterns light up the skies. Last but not least, ‘Transmission’ brings darker energies with its stomping kicks, industrial textures and old school breakbeat flourishes all making for a hugely physical and immediate impact.

Tracklist: DLV – Rave Instructor (DLV Bandcamp, DLV001)

01. Rave Instructor
02. Space Machine
03. Transmission

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