Developer – Sangre Por Oro (Modularz, Modularz46)

Our Friday selection: Developer – Sangre Por Oro (Modularz, Modularz46)

History: it’s evident that Developer has been unstoppable over that last decade, but it‘s been an even longer time ago that Developer got his start as a DJ back in 1992 where he started djing in the backyard party scene then moving to a residency on 88.7fm Radio then eventually becoming a fixture in the Los Angeles underground warehouse scene playing alongside many of the worlds techno elite and organizing events throughout the 90s into the 2000s. In 2009 Developer retired from events and then converted Modularz from event organizer group to a techno label and began releasing his own music eventually making his way into europe and onto the world.

The Album _ Sangre Por Oro, which translates to Blood for Gold, is a full-bodied album, with each track highlighting the different complexities of where techno can go and take you. The whole-room experience that he creates through his tracks highlights his ability to unify techno lovers, all under one roof.

Some of the standout tracks from the album include „Risky“, the opening tune, with its hypnotic groove and crafty synth work to introduce you to the next 67 minutes of Techno in the purest form. „24hrs in Beijing“ manifests the producers dark side, as it acts as a metaphor for the organized chaos and overwhelming nature of the city wi- thin a 24hr period. Its menacing and brilliantly written it really brings the experience of overexposure alive and moving at a faster pace a reality.

Halfway through the album „Over Cold Seas“, a very deep and emotional track which infects you with nostalgia and yet its pure art with the dark racing undertones mo- ving you onward. Cultivation, an outstanding piece of techno that nurtures the use of an off-note melody to bring a space fueled, dramatic ending to the album.

Sangre Por Oro – A real look into the mind of Developer.

Set to be released on the 24th of April 2020, on the Modularz label.

Tracklist: Developer – Sangre Por Oro (Modularz, Modularz46)

01. Risky
02. 24hrs in Beijing
03. Gypsy Theme
04. Boogie Down
05. Jive Kept Me Alive
06. Over Cold Seas
07. Head Hunter
08. Savage Nights
09. Jackem Tool 20
10. Tears It Is
11. Cultivation

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