Children of Techno – Ten Years Later

Techno Love = Pure Love! Great guy, great kiddos

Synthmanias description on YouTube :

“Back in the 1990s I used to be a fanatic Techno Raver guy, and acquired the three classic instruments of Techno: the Roland TB-303, TR-909, and TR-808. Ten years ago in January 2007, I recorded my three children – Grace, Christian, and Vincent – playing those classic instruments. Today, ten years later, the kids and I recreated that video! The kids wore similar clothes to the ones they wore that day, my daughter still has that polar bear stuffed animal, and I even did little interviews with them, just like I did ten years ago. The only difference is that for the old video I had to bribe them with Skittles to make them stay put – now that they are teenagers they want cash! 😀

Tech note – the 303, 909 and 808 are started and synchronized together by a Roland SBX-80 sync box that’s out of frame to the side. My wife presses the start button on the sync box while I’m shooting the video – that’s why the machines start playing without the kids pressing the start buttons on the machines themselves.”

SynthMania on YouTube.

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