Blondo Conolly – The Lost Rimini Tapes (Broque, BROQUE137)

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Blondo Conolly – The Lost Rimini Tapes (Broque, at. No. BROQUE137)
While pulling all-nighters in the Italian club scene along the Adriatic coast throughout the early 80’s, Blondo Connolly always had Giorgio Moroder firmly in his sight, Patrick Cowley in his tape deck and the obligatory comb in his pants pocket. Through legendary sets at Mon Amour, Altromondo or Coconut, he became a celebrated regional icon, for whom international breakthrough was always less important than simply using his sound to bring rapt faces and open hearts to collective ecstasy on the dancefloor.

With his tracks between new wave, balearic Italo disco and dreamy synths, he set the course for the upcoming summer of love and the club music of decades to come, thereby playing his way into the hearts of all those for whom disco, grand emotions and progressive club sound opened the door to a whole new form of escapist club experience in which one could lose oneself completely.

The Lost Rimini tapes prove once again that, Blondo is a musical genius who has never received the recognition he clearly deserved. He also turns out to be an early adopter of the TB-303, which is embedded so nonchalantly into these soulful arrangements that one can legitimately ask the question, whether we may have just made all this up and, in the end, this eclectic EP may simply be the product of the secret Italo-passion of an old Broque companion.

Anyway, all of that doesn‘t really matter as long as the Lost Rimini tapes celebrate the legend of Blondo Connolly and the early Italo sound of the 80s so empathetically that we want to jump right into our gleamy Golf convertible and drive towards a gorgeous Italian sunset.

Tracklist: Blondo Conolly – The Lost Rimini Tapes (Broque, BROQUE137)

01. Autostrada
02. The Last Night At Bagno 36
03. Rimini Express
04. Pastel Nights and Neon Lights

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