Various Artists – Various Artists 03 [TUTU, TUTUVA03]

Our Thursday selection:
Various Artists – Various Artists 03 [TUTU, TUTUVA03]

TUTU Records strikes again with the „Various Artists 3“! This time we are proud to present four original tracks from Edgar De Ramon, Gimenö, Mar Flores and Mikel Gil, without any doubt this package is perfect to shake the dance floors.

Gimenö through the magnificent ‚Tenshon‘ immerses us in a scifi and inflammable trip full of noise and distortion. Edgar De Ramon‘s ‚RTV2‘ is a fast-paced and dangerous techno device that, from its first beat, get you into a mental groove. ‘Raving Red’ by Mar Flores is an industrial techno cut, with a hammer as a kick drum, futuristic sounds and acid sounds. Mikel Gil presents ‚Follow me‘, with an upward progression that ends up blowing up any dancefloor.

Tracklist: Various Artists – Various Artists 03 [TUTU, TUTUVA03]

01. Gimenö – Tenshon
02. Edgar De Ramon – RTV2
03. Mar Flores – Raving Red
04. Mikel Gil – Follow Me

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