Various Artists – More Cuts On Loving – Part 2 (Ressort Imprint, RSI010.2)

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Various Artists (Array Access, Denise Rabe, Glos, IY, Luis Flores) with More Cuts On Loving – Part 2 on Ressort Imprint, RSI010.2.

Press release:
Ekserd’s techno label Ressort Imprint returns for the second instalment of its two-part series ‘More Cuts On Loving’, this time inviting the likes of I/Y, Luis Flores, Denise Rabe, Glos and Array Access.

The Berlin-based platform was launched in 2013 and has since established a discography spanning Stranger, Gonzalo MD, The Plant Worker, Border One, Lee Holman and Strck. Dropping in 2016, Part One demonstrated the heavier end of techno whilst Part Two is angled towards a more abstract aesthetic.

German duo I/Y sets things into motion with ‘Memory Loss’, an atmospheric cut loaded with intricate nuances and echoing effects before Droid and Blank Code’s Luis Flores drops a low-end heavy number with sinister stabs and metallic synths named ‘Moral Divide’.

ARTS and MUTEWAX producer Denise Rabe’s ‘Return Of The Dash’ is next, a syncopated slice of techno possessing a medley of ominous elements before returning Ressort artist Glos serves up double-time kicks, dusky pads and otherworldly qualities in ‘Man Is The Cruellest Animal’.

Tying it all together, ‘Love Is Distraction’ by Array Access is a menacing cut with its sullen drones and subtle melodies.

Various Artists ‘More Cuts On Loving – Part 2’ drops on Ressort Imprint on 25th September 2017.


Tracklist: VA – More Cuts On Loving – Part 2 (Ressort Imprint, RSI010.2)

1. I/Y – Memory Loss
2. Luis Flores – Moral Divide
3. Denise Rabe – Return of the Dash
4. Glos – Man Is The Cruellest Animal
Digital Bonus: Array Access – Love Is Distraction

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