Uto Karem – Waking Up The Neighbours (Agile Recordings, AGILE082)

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Uto Karem with Waking Up The Neighbours on Agile Recordings, AGILE082.

Press release:
Italian producer Uto Karem is one of the world’s Techno elite. He has released EPs on labels including Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 Records, Christian Smiths Tronic and Dubfires SCI+TEC, but most of his original music has been released via his own Agile Recordings. Utos releases on Agile regularly have a great reception, often hitting the Top 10 Beatport Charts, and on many an occasion, also arriving at the coveted No. 1 spot. His avid following means Utos vinyl releases on Agile are also popular, with stock quick to sell out in most record stores. Announcing his debut album in 2014, the last few years of Utos life have been a juggling act, balancing a busy touring schedule with label management and studio time. Deciding to write an album came after years of releasing singles, remixes and EPs, which although always true to Utos sound, at times took outside influence from hype and music trends of the moment. The album is without restraint or outside influence, a project that takes exclusively from Utos core and the timeless music he has always held close to his heart. Returning back to his early inspiration of bands like New Order, Depeche Mode and Soft Cell, he rediscovered the melodic synth lines that first drew him to discover Techno. Going back to his roots, Uto spent hours working on synth lead melodies that although intricate, were also rhythmical and infectiously memorable. This often meant spending days, weeks and sometimes even months working on a single synth sound, which he would then build the rest of the track around. The final output blends deep atmospherics with melodic notation, pulsating basslines and stripped back percussion. Techno focused, the album’s energy makes it suited for a club environment, but to fully understand the intelligent use of melody and texture, requires headphones and home listening.

Tracklist:  Uto Karem – Waking Up The Neighbours (Agile Recordings, AGILE082)

01. Intro
02. Parts Of Me
03. Dazed
04. Living The Night
05. Dynamik
06. Living The Fight
07. Dark Tension
08. South Soul
09. Reconnected
10. Illusion
11. Suburban Tale
12. Outro

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