Tendts – Faith (T.A.F. Recordings, TAF003)

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Tendts – Faith (T.A.F., TAF003)

Tendts have been traversing the galaxy for over eight years now and from their first release “Slow Years” back in 2012 for Lower Parts (GR), up to “Cosmic Swimmer” for Public Release (US) they search and embrace the music of the worlds they visit.

Informed by seemingly incongruous references the now three piece band (joined by Elias Smilios, a very close friend of theirs, over a year ago) started playing live shows and jamming together experimenting with sounds but mostly trying to capture the essence and purity of Cosmic Swimmer’s energy they previously discovered to be true. Thus what some have called “a Pleiadian Power Trio” was born and “Faith” their second LP was fabricated.

“Faith” forged between the bands’ jamming sessions and live shows flows effortlessly between the intimacy of a studio jam and the energy of a live show. Celebrating their first release on their own imprint, label & collective T.A.F. Recordings right from the start with the opening track ‘Rave Not Destroy’, reminiscent of an old electro track with broken drum patterns laid on top, it is clear that this record wants to intrigue us. The journey has just begun. ‘Faith’ the title track comes next to set the mood. Walking between the lines of obscure disco and cosmic euphoria as we witness the journey from losing faith to enlightenment. ‚Golden Hands Sunset‘ is more like a sun-laden exercise of some sort, acid basslines, synths in conversation with guitars and a steady drum pattern with few surprises. Closing Side A the energy escalates even more with ‘Omega’ a certified club anthem with heavy guitars, hard drums and playful synths that is bound to free you from the bodily prison you live in, or at least make you bounce like you’ve never bounced before.

Side B begins with ‘Spirit’ a slow moving electronica piece. Confession of an out of body experience? It’s up to you if you want to believe or not. Continuing on with ‘Yamblin’ the banger of this side. Infused with psychedelic guitars, African rhythms and driven by a rave mentality is like an elegy for the dancers. The closing track of the LP is ‘Body Muscle’, a moody jam in which three sets of instruments form a lan- guage, and start conversing until they come to a closure.

Three Aquarius preaching THE Pleiadian cosmic truth. We are ALL Cosmic Swimmers.

Tracklist: Tendts – Faith (T.A.F., TAF003)

01. Rave Not Destroy
02. Faith
03. Golden Hands Sunset
04. Omega
05. Spirit
06. Yamblin
07. Body Muscle
08. Special Item (Digital/Cassette Bonus)

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