Sofia Alcon – Harmonic Sound (defmain music, DEFMAIN26)

Our Sunday selection:
Sofia Alcon – Harmonic Sound (defmain music, DEFMAIN26)

Inner explorations guided Sofia Alcon in the elaboration of her new EP. Preserving her hard hitting techno patterns you will discover subtle timbres that are more personal and closer to her pure harmonic state. Her meticulous approach to sound design has exponentially grown since her last release on defmain and her contribution to the techno scene is eminent.

Sofia’s techno is not for the faint of heart and she will not hesitate to flip frequencies on the most hard hitting kick drum as she pleases. She plays around with patterns without causing disruptions in the groove but it will create the proper amount of energy to keep the crowd satisfied.

Tracklist: Sofia Alcon – Harmonic Sound (defmain music, DEFMAIN26)

01. There is no shortcut
02. Harmonic Sound
03. She doesn’t know the author
04. This way

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