SAIGON UNDERGROUND – Electronic Music Scene in Ho Chi Minh City

It has been quite a ride coming to this point where this trailer finally goes public.
Came back in April this year from Southeast Asia, facing a humongous mountain of 500 GB(!) video raw footage which I shot while interviewing and filming 34 people in five countries (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia). So first mission was to solve complexity:

Divide and Conquer!

From that point on, I was on a good path … but the universe always challenges me.



First the graphics card died (chip), then it died again (video RAM) and then it died completely.

But I kept going and eventually put everything together … till the very last minute, being already back in Bangkok.

No matter what, I enjoyed the ride

Enjoy Fellas!

The whole thing is going to be premiered on the 16th of November 9PM @Arcan, Saigon.

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