Roberto Clementi – Plebisicte (made of CONCRETE, MOC018)

Pick of the weekend: Roberto Clementi – Plebisicte (made of CONCRETE, MOC018)

Italian sound designer and Soma alum Roberto Clementi steps up with a MOC-worthy release comprised of three original tracks with BNJMN on remix duties.

Standout track ‘Plebiscite’ makes a statement from the first bar with a pounding bassline. It’s a clae peak time heavy-hitter that energizes with its shriek, alarm-like highs and understated yet powerful percussion.

Just off the stride of releasing his third studio album, BNJMN puts on his remixer hat to take on the leading track, adding an ethereal dimension through evocative pads and percussive rattles.

On the flipside, ‘Evocate’ skewes dark and minimalist with a simple lead and eerie-laden somber sequences. Simplicity proves itself just as compelling as more complex layering, rendering an overall dance-inducing atmosphere.

Acid-laced ‘Cription’ spells techno in a more experimental, non-kickdrum reliant manner. It’s a refreshing take on the genre in a piece that is reminiscent of early rave days.

Tracklist: Roberto Clementi – Plebisicte (made of CONCRETE, MOC018)

01. Roberto Clementi – Plebiscite
02. Roberto Clementi – Plebiscite (BNJMN Remix)
03. Roberto Clementi – Evocate
04. Roberto Clementi – Cription

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Listen on: Spotify

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