Moog Conspiracy – Oztwo (Fehler Musik, FHLR029)

Our Monday selection:
Moog Conspiracy – Oztwo (Fehler Musik, FHLR029)

Fehler Musik is back on track and drops a 5 tracker for mainfloor madness by the man himself: Moog Conspiracy.
Part of the package are highclass remixer and our friends Kernel Existence and Ikigai (Pooja B).

Oztwo opens this release – straight to the point and straight in your face.
While it appears to be hyperfocused techno, Moog Conspiracy adds an compelling spin to the track in form of
distorted dissonant melodies. An excellent setoff towards the straight beat and harmonic conclusion of this tune.
In The Backroom takes of into cosmic spheres, backed as well by a strong and straight beat. It’s that combination which makes you float, similar to the opener. “The Loop That Never Ends” combines all of that plus heavy use of toms, which keeps you stomping. Kernel Existence Backroom Remix lifts the energy to an even higher level in a fast-paced techno fashion. But provides time to breath in the end, the comedown you are longing for. But it doesn’t stop here. Ikigai’s remix takes off full speed again, adding mainroom energy to the original … an open end – the rave just continues.

Tracklist: Moog Conspiracy – Oztwo (Fehler Musik, FHLR029)

01. Oztwo
02. In The Backroom
03. The Loop That Never Ends
04. In The Backroom (Kernel Existence)
05. Oztwo (Ikigai remix)

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