Mauro Picotto presents Sasha Barbot – Sunny – (Alchemy – ALCDG063)

On Tuesday we had a look at Mauro Picotto and his label Alchemy. You usually find Techno here, mostly progressive. But this track has also captured us, although this is a completely different style … Mauro Picotto presents Sasha Barbot to you. Expect the unexpected, the summer is back!


Tracklist: Mauro Picotto presents Sasha Barbot – Sunny – (Alchemy – ALCDG063)

01. SUNNY The Whistle Mix
02. SUNNY The Cube Guys Remix
03. SUNNY Roby Arduini & Pagany Remix
04. SUNNY Roby Arduini & Pagany Dub
05. THE WHISTLE Original Mix
06. SUNNY The Whistle Video Mix

SUNNY // The Whistle

We were thinking instantly of Boney M. and their version of Sunny from the year 1976. But this is Disco House. And at its best. Somehow you are familiar with such music, you heard it a lot. Too often, perhaps. Nevertheless, with this one you can start again. THE WHISTLE Original Mix could easily be mistaken as the instrumental, in fact it has been the first version of this track before this EP came out. Enjoy these sugar-sweet tunes with or without the voice. The combination of simple Discobeat + simple House Piano + Vocals simple works perfectly out here. To accomplish that is the true genius. Even itsoundsfuture as a Techno Blog could not resist here.

Conclusion: A summer anthem. You just blew up the bank in Bellagio with unfair means. Your Gulfstream is chasing down the runway, just a moment before you saw the casino manager hurrying towards the runway with nasty Mafia thugs to prevent the start. But your machine takes off. Course: Tahiti. The loot in front of you in the gym bag, in your arms the dancer from last night and this song is playing in the radio. Oh Yeah.

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Mauro Picotto presents Sasha Barbot – Sunny – (Alchemy – ALCDG063)

Mauro Picotto presents Sasha Barbot – Sunny – (Alchemy – ALCDG063)

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